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Pastor’s Blog

A God of Promise | Posted by Mark

We know throughout the Bible, the Word of God, that He has made a number of promises and covenants with men down through the ages. We know and believe in our hearts that His word is true. He is the everlasting father, and creator of the universe who spoke and creation came into being, who…

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God’s Ways | Posted by Mark

We often quote and know that God’s ways are not our ways, yet we unconsciously march to the beat of our own drum. As David cried out “make me to know your ways”—what an open handed, submitted plea; here I am God, “make me” to know your ways. As we seek God’s Ways, let us…

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Break Through And Break Out | Posted by Mark

In Isaiah 54:1 the barren woman is encouraged to sing out and burst forth into singing. To the natural mind it doesn’t make sense—when you are in a place of barrenness to be joyous. Yet when we learn to break out of that place and be joyous in tough situations—James 1:2 Count it all joy…

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Baal Perazim | Posted by Mark

We serve a huge over the top abundant God  who will breakthrough for us. Where there appears to be no natural way. He will provide the supernatural. When there appears to be no fruit on the vine, we ought to break into praise; “Sing O barren one”, in barrenness let us sow seeds. Take hold…

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The Gospel of the Kingdom | Posted by Mark

…our enemy and battle is not a physical one; also the kingdom we proclaim is not a physical one but a Spiritual kingdom. We are a royal priesthood, subjects to the greatest King of all kings, and therefore as such we serve His kingdom. A kingdom that is not of this world (physical); ie it…

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